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First Brigade


19th Air Support Squadron


History and Mission

P38 had its beginning in the relationship between the commander of the First Brigade, Bastogne, and Mr. Art Helf, a former Army ranger, banker and community leader of Franklin TN. The two cooperated to find opportunities for the community to serve the  Veteran families of the First Brigade during deployments. 

 Art enlisted the support of the Mayor of Franklin and the Williamson County Mayor. Together with other civic and business leaders they built an organization that has forged lasting strong ties between Fort Campbell, the City of Franklin, and Williamson County that provide veteran support to the families of Bastogne Brigade.

P38 Inc., a veteran non profit, focuses as much as possible on one to one interactions. With less than one half percent of the nation in uniform, we look for ways to bring veterans and the civilian communities together. A great example is the hostess exchange program in which ladies from our community host a group of spouses from the Fort for a luncheon. The participants on both sides exchange stories of families, interests and for the military wives, the challenges of raising a family and pursuing her own career with a military husband. 

 Other programs include an evening at the Rotary Rodeo, orientation visit to the Fort, school supply drive and delivery, Military Day at the Williamson County Fair, Thanksgiving Baskets, support for battalion Christmas parties, and the very popular "Adopt-A-Family" for Christmas. For the returning single soldiers, we provide a “Welcome Home Soldier Card” including a handwritten note to every one returning from deployment. 

Our mission is found in Art's words, "What can we do for you?"

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