Franklin Outings


  We do these as often as possible.  We have hosted a group of spouses on a Carnton visit with a special host, Robert Hicks, the author of The Widow of the South

Franklin Rodeo


 P38 invites 40 service members and family members to join us for the annual Franklin Rodeo. . They asked if there was any open riding,  The manager said that there was none, and anyway he didn't want them to get hurt.  Hmm they were just back from Iraq where people kept trying to hurt them!   

Hostess Exchange


 This project  exposes the local participants to military families.  Where they find out that the military spouse lives a life similar to theirs with a few wrinkles.  They move across the country or an ocean every three years or so.  The service member goes away frequently on short deployments and every couple of years he is gone on a long deployment.  So, the military spouse is often mother and father for extended periods of time. 

School Supplies


 Every year we provide 200 back sacks packed with back to school supplies.  Soldiers from the Brigade do the packing. 

Orientation Visit to the Fort


 Each year we try to take a group of  forty to fifty Franklin and Williamson County residents to the Fort to get a chance to see how the members of our Armed Forces train, and to rub shoulders with the young men and women who put it all on the line.   

Thanksgiving and Christmas Projects

 The leaves turn color and the weather turns cold.  The holiday season is upon us.  By this time of year, many troops are on deployment.  Will the family's soldier or airman be home?  Depends on the needs of the Nation.  Even if they are home, money is tight for the junior enlisted, the youngest service members.  They don't get paid nearly what they and their families are worth.  Yet they serve and their families support them.  P38 lends a hand at this time. 


Banquets in a Box


 We provide six Banquets in a Box to each of the Brigade's battalions.  To the 19 ASOS since it is a smaller unit we provide one box.  Each of the boxes has a turkey and all of the trimmings for a Thanksgiving feast.  We also provide extra turkeys and hams to the battalions and the squadron for their holiday parties. 


Adopt-a-Family for Christmas


 This is a very popular program.  We ask families from Franklin and Williamson County to adopt a family for Christmas.  We ask that  


 the benefactors commit to buying and wrapping $100 worth of gifts for each of the kids and give a $50 gift to the parents.  We encourage 


teaming up to adopt large families.  We started supporting six families in 2012 and in 2017 we adopted out 25 families!  


Would you like to be part of this?

 Email us today either at, or on the form on the Contact Us page to adopt a family, host an exchange visit, or get involved in any of our projects. 

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